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Shipping & Delivery

All shipping addresses

The following shipping address requirements are applicable to all destinations:

  • The shipping address must be exclusively in Latin characters.

  • Lucius Valenti Streetwear does not provide address validation services. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide an accurate shipping address.


Delivery to a PO box

  • Delivery to a PO box is advised only for destinations in the United States. For other countries, delivery to a PO box is not advisable and is at the customer’s own risk.

  • PO box addresses are not supported by Express Delivery  If a customer submits an order with Express Delivery and enters a PO box address, it will be imported as a standard order in Lucius Valenti Streetwear.

  • The correct address formatting guidelines should be followed when a shipment is directed to a PO box:

    • First name: John (matching the name on the box)

    • Last name: Smith (matching the name on the box)

    • Address 1: PO Box 1776

    • Zip code: 28034

    • City: Dallas

    • Country: United States

Shipping to or within Germany

There are specific shipping requirements for orders delivered to home addresses in Germany as well as those sent to parcel lockers (Packstations) or collection points (Paketfiliale or Paketshop). It’s crucial for you to adhere to the guidelines below to ensure a successful delivery.

Requirements for home delivery  

For a successful home delivery, the following should be provided:

  1. Recipient’s name (matching the name on the apartment building)

  2. Street address and house number

  3. Apartment number (if applicable)

  4. Floor number (optional)

  5. Zip code

  6. Country

If the recipient doesn’t provide the listed information, the carrier might be unable to identify the recipient’s apartment. As a result, the shipment will be returned without any further delivery attempts by the carrier.


PO box addresses can’t be used for orders to or within Germany.

Requirements for shipments delivered to a parcel locker or Packstation


Deliveries to a parcel locker are available only for orders being shipped to or within Germany. Deliveries to a parcel locker in another country are not supported at this time and will be returned to the sender.

For deliveries to Packstation (or Paketfiliale/Paketshop) addresses, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The order recipient needs to activate their Deutsche Post/DHL account for both options (Packstation and Paketfiliale/Paketshop). Failure to do so may lead to the shipment being returned.

  2. Once activated, they will receive a postal number, which must be entered in either the “First name” or “Last name” line of the address. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in the number not being recognized, leading to the return of the order. The correct address format for a delivery to a Packstation or Paketfiliale/Paketshop is as follows:

    • First name: John Smith

    • Last name: 1234567890 (postal number)

    • Address 1: Packstation 104

    • Zip code: 46282 

    • City: Dorsten

    • Country: Germany


Shipping to Brazil

It is mandatory to include the recipient’s CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) tax number on the shipping label of the order. Each individual living in Brazil has a unique 11-digit CPF number. ​​

Shipping to Chile

It is mandatory to include the recipient’s RUN (Rol Único Nacional) or RUT (Rol Unico Tributario) tax number on the shipping label of the order (for individuals, both of these numbers will be the same). Each individual living in Chile has a unique 8 or 9-digit RUN / RUT number.

Return & Exchange Policy

Hey fam, if your gear doesn't give you the 'this is it' feels, no stress! Slide us the goods back for a refund. Just keep it 💯 and send 'em back in the same condition you got 'em, within 30 days, alright?

Heads up though, you gotta cover the shipping back to us. We're chillin' in Los Angeles, California, so make sure your return catches the right wave back to us. Once we catch it, we'll hit you up with that refund. No cap! 🌊💸📦

Keep it real,


Please get in touch with our team using the “Submit issue” form and

we will issue you a Return Authorization Number. 

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